Forager wild lips – lip balm


Wild lips – lip slave – a game changer against cold sores

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I’m so thrilled to team up with Forager to bring you these magical additions to your wellness toolkit

10ml (with a little extra for luck)

If you suffer with incessant cold sores or the Herpes Simplex virus, you know the stress that comes once you feel “that tingle”.

Having spent years using all of the strongest cold sore fighters, Feebee decided enough was enough and made what she calls a Turbo Strength cold sore fighter – or simply put, Wild Lips 💋

The big guns in this little pot are Neem & Melissa Leaf Oil. Both are natural heavy weights in the fight for against the nastiest cold sores.

Wild Lips can be used as a daily lip balm to ward off infection, to stop the onset of cold sores and also to help kick one to the kerb if its in full flight.

A game changer in the fight against cold sores.


+ Melissa Leaf Oil

+ Neem Oil
+ Organic Beeswax + Olive Oil