Forager Belly Balm


Forager Belly Balm

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I’m thrilled to team up with fabulous Irish company Forager to bring you Belly Balm

30ml (with a little extra for luck)

Sometimes when Aunt Flo visits, she packs a lot of baggage in the form of dull dragging pains in your tum and thighs, bloating and bad humour. This balm was made to sweeten her up. Packed with the anti-inflammatory powers of Magnesium and my special blend of essential oils that are proven to make you feel “less murdery“, this balm was made to closely connect with female hormones, helping you feel better for those few days each month.

Apply topically to effected area. Do not use internally.


+ Magnesium Oil (soothes the muscles of the uterus)

+ Organic Olive Oil

+ Organic Beeswax

+ Clary Sage Essential Oil (deals with mood swings, anxiety, increasing serotonin, the “happy hormone“)

+ Geranium Essential Oil (promotes estrogen balance, so ideal for those with irregular periods – also a stress/worry reliever)

+ Roman Chamomile Essential Oil (anti-spasmodic, great for cramps)

+ Clove Bud Essential Oil (proven to significantly reduce period pains due to the compound Eugenol)