UNDATED Life Compass Refil



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UNDATED Life Compass REFIL (please note this is the inner part, not the binder, made to fit 6 hole drilled A5 cover)

LIMITED EDITION – My Life Compass created by Multi award winning professional coach and coach trainer Tara Rafter – The Navigation Coach

⚓️Made in Ireland

⚓️462 pages on top quality 80gsm paper

⚓️12 months – your full year in one place, pick a month and start.

⚓️Bonus wall calendar, journal prompts and promise print and key pen (while stocks last)


⚓️Page a day spread

⚓️Journaling prompts print to get you going with some journaling and then you can pop your print in a frame

⚓️Detailed “How to use” pages to help you get the most from your Life Compass

⚓️Motivation pages – Remind yourself of your strengths and tune into your values

⚓️My Happy – jigsaw breakdown of the elements that are at play when you are at your best

⚓️ Goal setting tool page – tap into the why as well as the what 

⚓️Month by month goal breakdown pages

⚓️Power page – self motivation is a powerful tool, use the questions I ask you on this page to ignite emotion to help propel you forward 

⚓️Procrastination beater – challenge yourself with my questions to hear some home truths about the reasons you procrastinate and then set about completing my 30 day challenge to give your will power an injection of strength 

⚓️Quarterly check ins – Accountability is a key tool I use with my clients to keep them on track, use this tool in your compass to help and support yourself 

⚓️Previous 12 months reflection – sometimes we have to look back to go forward – answer the questions I ask you to gain clarity on the previous 12 months 

⚓️Daily personal check in’s – you can’t pour from an empty cup and you definitely can’t pour from it if you haven’t a clue how much is even in it 

⚓️Daily habit trackers – building slowly and consistently month by month, stacking one on top of the other, watch your habits begin to change for the better 

⚓️Daily gratitude log – this tangible daily practice is training your brain to seek out the good 

⚓️Daily sleep intention – log your rest periods to bring your awareness and focus to the benefit of sleep

⚓️Daily success list – feeding into your monthly goal breakdown on a daily basis with your todays top 3 to help combat overwhelm 

⚓️Inspirational quotes/ affirmations 

⚓️Monthly personal development book recommendations 

⚓️Month at a glance – track your key appointments, birthdays, goals, personal connections, finance health check, books/audiobook

⚓️Space for notes

⚓️Designed and Printed in Ireland