Positivity Pack – New Parents


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Welcoming a tiny human into the world is a time of joy and many other emotions too, new parenting is a unique time individual to every parent. This pack has been designed to guide new parents through those early days to encourage a simple, slow start as they adjust to being a new family. The most thoughtful newborn gift!

Every card in this pack has a mindful prompt based around our 7 pillars of wellbeing;

Gratitude | Motivation | Knowledge | Kindness | Wellbeing | Familial | Organisation

With each card encouraging a simple moment of inspiration and encouragement alongside some top tips with practical solutions!

On the reverse you will find a gentle ‘to do’ list with baby milestone moments and daily gratitude, as well as appreciating the things you didn’t do knowing that’s ok too!

Taking care of you is taking care of your family.