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Aether – cup – God of light, space and heaven

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In proud collaboration with Irish business Narcissips I am thrilled to introduce you to Olympus, sustainable drinkware, meet  Poseidon, Eos, Morpheus and Aether.

Narcissips 500ml bottles are made of high-quality, 18/8 grade, stainless steel with vacuum sealed & insulated walls to keep your drinks cooler, or warmer for longer

Are the Narcissips bottles and cups leak-proof?

Yes they are, but remember to put the lid on tightly.

​​How long does my Narcissips keep liquids warm and cold?

Up to 24 hours cold

Up to 12 hours warm.

Tip: if you require your drinks kept colder for longer you can also fit ice cubes into the bottle with your water :)​


Do Narcissips rust and are they durable?

Narcissips don’t rust as they are built from durable stainless steel.

Can I heat up my Narcis’sips bottle?

No, you must not heat the actual bottle itself as this can lead to the bottle becoming heated and too hot to hold.

Our bottles are insulated on the inside of the bottle with dual wall technology to ensure your hot drinks stay hot for hours but you must only pour hot drinks into the bottle should you require your drinks kept heated whilst on the go.

How do I clean my bottle?

Your Narcis’sips bottle will take care of you for a long time, if you take care of it.

Caring for your God

Narcis’sips bottles should be hand-washed – prior to first use, thoroughly wash your bottle and it’s the cap. Regularly rinse and wash your bottle and cap, we recommend hand washing every 2 to 3 days using soap and or bicarbonate soda.




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  1. Keeps my coffee warm for longer so being a mother I can finish my coffee when its still warm

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    • Thank you so much Katrina, Tara x

  2. Love this cup, really good size and keeps my coffee nice and hot!

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  3. Really great

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  4. Quite small opening to drink from, doesn’t fit in car cup holders unfortunately.

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  5. Keeps my drink hotter for longer .

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  6. Super cup, so handy for having the cuppa tea on the go! Lovely and warm to have after a long car journey, will be back to purchase some more for the work station!

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  7. I bring it everywhere since I got it 👍🏻

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