Mood booster – shower steamer


Shower steamer – a mood booster

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By snoes –

A Mood Booster – a simple and delicate jar of shower salt to improve your mood. perfect for long, rainy and boring days when all you need is a boost. With this A Mood Booster Shower Salts (Sparkling Shower Salt) it will work!

How to use: sprinkle part of the sparkling shower salt (Shower Steamer) over the floor of your shower, turn on water and shower.

The effervescent shower salt is made to fizz when mixed with water, filling the shower with a delicious aroma.

Content Approx. 100 Grams.

Packed in a glass jar with cork cap that you can reuse when the sparkling shower salt is finished.

Citrus benefits: Improves mood in your brain and hormones, increases immunity, relieves anxiety and irritability, and supports respiratory health.

Avoid using the product with or on open wounds | Not meant to be bathed in!!

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Made in the Netherlands.